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Not every black kid can dance

written by Love isn’t Enough columnist Liz Dwyer; originally posted at Los Angelista’s Guide to the Pursuit of Happiness Gorgeous weather yesterday afternoon, so I took my sons to our neighborhood park. As I watched my boys swing and climb … Continue reading

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When is it stereotype and when is it just you?

[Editor's note: When I read Jennifer's post below, I was struck by the idea that even as a youth, the boy in Colson Whitehead's book knew to avoid actions that might reaffirm racial stereotypes, even if that meant denying some … Continue reading

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Sunny Days…and Some Stupid and Sarcastic Ones Too

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Deesha Philyaw Like a lot of Gen-Xers, I lived and breathed Sesame Street back in the day. By first grade, I’d been identified by my school as “a smart kid,” and adult friends of the family … Continue reading

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The Wrong Kind of Asian

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Paula Apparently I was the first Asian Rick had ever seen in real life – up close and personal. “Wow. You are so healthy looking. I mean, I think it’s great. I just didn’t think. . … Continue reading

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Seeing pink

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Jason Sperber Before my daughter was born, I knew what kind of father I wanted to be for her. My babygrrl was going to be raised to be a fierce, strong woman of color. I was … Continue reading

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Columnist Intro: Tami

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Tami Winfrey Harris I am a black woman who has spent my life trying to explain who I am. I am the daughter of a son of the Jim Crow South. I am a member of … Continue reading

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Not black enough

by guest contributor Tami Winfrey Harris A couple of months ago, I asked my stepdaughter about a young, black student at her school. “She’s okay. You know she talks like a white girl. At first I thought she was weird,” … Continue reading

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Oh, the wonderful world of toddler picture books and more . . .

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Tereza Topferova Part I: My Many Colored Days I took my son to a thrift store last month and bought a few toys, including a pink stroller and a black doll, and books. When we got … Continue reading

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Should adoptive parents change their children’s names?

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Dawn Friedman I was stuck on what to write this week but Carmen shared a list of some of the keywords people use to find their way here and there was one that stuck out to … Continue reading

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Question: How can you coach kids to be critical of what they see on TV?

by Carmen Van Kerckhove I recently came across a trailer of the excellent documentary Mickey Mouse Monopoly (hat tip to Yolanda and Kai): Mickey Mouse Monopoly takes a close and critical look at the world these films create and the … Continue reading

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James Kim: a real hero and a real man

by Carmen Van Kerckhove This is the transcript of a commentary I did last week for the radio show Pacific Time on KQED in the Bay Area. I didn’t know him, but it seemed like we could easily have run … Continue reading

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Madonna, Africa, adoption, and the white man’s burden

by Carmen Van Kerckhove Before I get started with this post, a few clarifications. First, I don’t think that Madonna is the evil, attention-hungry, Angelina-copycat that others are making her out to be. I’m sure she was guided by the … Continue reading

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