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What am I first?

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Liza Talusan My children seem to have a knack for asking me really deep, thought-provoking questions at the most inconvenient times. Usually this is when we are racing out the door, late for school/work/day care. This … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: How to be a strong ally to kids and parents of color at school?

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, My child just started kindergarten at a publicly funded, open enrollment, community operated charter school. We live in a very racially diverse city, and the school is located in a neighborhood that is historically African American, though … Continue reading

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Who Belongs?

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Natasha Sky My son was writing in his workbook the other day. We’re homeschooling in the eclectic-semi-unschooling-style; the workbooks have been around for over a year–my kids think they’re fun. The books are actually a great … Continue reading

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Ask ARP: What should I do about my daughter thinking that “white babies are better?”

Dear Anti-Racist Parent, First, thank you for the resources you provide and facilitate the provision of – I have very much appreciated reading the columnists and discussions on your site. Second, I’m very much hoping you and those who frequent … Continue reading

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Oh, the wonderful world of toddler picture books and more . . .

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Tereza Topferova Part I: My Many Colored Days I took my son to a thrift store last month and bought a few toys, including a pink stroller and a black doll, and books. When we got … Continue reading

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The preschool dilemma

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Amber When my daughter turned three, my husband and I began the search for a part-time preschool. In addition to finding a match for our academic and location preferences, we wanted to find a school that … Continue reading

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