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What does an all-white room mean?

written by Love Isn’t Enough guest contributor Renee; originally published at Womanist Musings Living in a small town means that quite often I am the only POC in a room full of white people. There is always an undercurrent in … Continue reading

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Stuff white people like

written by Kristen H.; originally published on Rage Against the Minivan I got a Stuff White People Like flip calendar for Christmas. I am enjoying it very much. This was last night’s entry: The Daily Show/Colbert makes up a duo … Continue reading

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Is Privilege Offensive?

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Liza Talusan I experience privilege. I am college educated. I have a steady, salaried job. I am heterosexual. I have a house and a mortgage. Two cars. Two kids. One dog. I am able bodied. My … Continue reading

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Half-price adoptions: Should we tell our kids?

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Dawn Friedman When we decided to pursue a domestic adoption nearly five years ago, my husband and I – both of us white – decided that we were open to adopting transracially. We were naïve about … Continue reading

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Ain’t No Shame in Saying That I’m Asian

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Paula Perhaps it’s just me – but as a parent of a biracial daughter and an Asian son – it’s far from my dream as their mother to have either of them enter into their adulthood … Continue reading

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How do parents come together to talk about race and education?

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Vera L During this past school year, the idea of beginning a group for parents of African American students at my sons’ elementary school positioned itself in the forefront of my mind. There is already a … Continue reading

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Columnist intro: Paula

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Paula It is an honor to participate in the dialogue here at Anti-Racist Parent as a columnist. As a Korean adoptee of white parents who is married to a white man with two children – including … Continue reading

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Response to a Transracially Adopting Mother

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Natasha Sky I recently met someone friends have been trying to hook me up with for weeks; her family is planning to adopt. She had heard about me, and I must admit I was excited to … Continue reading

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by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Cloudscome I have been trying to write a post about how we come to know white privilege. In particular I am wondering how to talk to other white people about it when they say things like … Continue reading

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An Afternoon at the Skate Park

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Vera L I took my seven year old to the skate park after school one afternoon while his brother was at baseball practice. The popular Berkeley skateboard park is settled on the edge of a large … Continue reading

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My response to the Rachel’s Tavern commenter

by Anti-Racist Parent Columnist Jae Ran Kim, originally published at Harlow’s Monkey Earlier this week, Rachel from Rachel’s Tavern shared with me a comment left on her blog in response to a post about the U.S.’s decision to end working … Continue reading

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Recommended reading

by Anti-Racist Parent special correspondent Colin Bowden The blindfold of “colorblind” Pt.1 – Ethnically Incorrect Daughter “As I’ve mentioned many times before, my family practiced a kind of colorblindness when it came to me. I guess they figured if they … Continue reading

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An examination of privilege. A question of responsibility.

by Anti-Racist Parent Columnist Michelle Myers

I know I haven’t been able to keep up with my posts as much as I’ve liked over the last month, but I’ve been reading recent posts with great interest. In particular, Dawn Friedman’s post calling out anti-racist white parents of white children struck a particular chord, as it did with many people. I also found Carmen’s post about recent comments Angelina Jolie made in an interview interesting, and though at least one person commented that he/she didn’t get “much of a racial connotation out of [Jolie’s] statement,” I would argue that Jolie makes two points: her second statement about Shiloh being a “blob” may be about the differences between adopted children and biological children—but Shiloh’s blobbiness won’t last too long, so this isn’t even a critical point. Her first statement, however, is very revealing and implicitly has a racial context. Continue reading

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Columnist intro: Margie

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist Margie Perscheid My first reaction, upon receiving an invitation to contribute to Anti-Racist Parent, was to ask who would want to listen to a middle-aged white woman talk about race. What could I possibly add to … Continue reading

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Columnist intro: Amber

by Anti-Racist Parent columnist, Amber As a white woman, I was not raised to think about my race. I was supposed to be colorblind and not acknowledge that I noticed other people’s race. Growing up, it wasn’t hard to keep … Continue reading

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